Adrian Alvi

Entrepreneur, Creator, Professional Baker, Chef

Adrian’s lifelong passion for food started early.  He was cooking dinner for his family by age 8, and spent the first 14 years of his career as a professional cook, baker, and cake decorator.  After graduating with a B.S. degree in Computer Information Systems from Boise State, he spent 15 years in corporate IT with H.P. and Boise Cascade.  While learning valuable information about information systems and corporate dynamics there, he continued to feed his passion for all things culinary by studying spices, cultures, foods, and cooking techniques of all kinds.


Before the company was sold and he was laid off from his corporate job, he started to create a new concept in cooking: using seasonings to make food easier, healthier, and tastier to cook.  Not only did they revolutionize his own cooking, but after giving some away for Christmas to friends, neighbors, and family, the feedback made it clear that it could revolutionize EVERYONE’S cooking!  


So he started Save the Day Seasonings:

  • Manufactured in Meridian, Idaho and founded in 2015
  • 18 seasoning blends, including their flagship product – Alvi’s Incredible® all-purpose seasoning
  • Plenty of ethnic, spicy, not-spicy, low-salt, no-salt, grilling, seafood, and other amazing blends available
  • Use all of them on any food, with any skill, cooked any way!
  • All-natural, Gluten-free, no MSG, additives, fillers, dyes, preservatives, vegan-friendly, allergen-friendly, NOTHING ARTIFICIAL
  • Helping people to be the hero in their kitchen!


Adrian is the CEO, founder, and product visionary for Save the Day, which is now available in 17 states using the direct sales business model and always available at  Look for their newest innovation in the Fall of 2018: a product that will revolutionize and simplify all-natural, scratch baking and dessert making for everyone!