Cory Hamrick

Waterfowl Calling

My love and passion for the great sport of waterfowl hunting over the past 30 years has opened opportunities for me to be in the outdoor industry for the past two decades . It all started by helping with selling Bill Saunders Calls selling them directly and getting placement in various stores. In 2001 with partner Marcus Flesher started manufacturing decoys under the Hardcore Decoy Brand being one of first innovating custom decoy companies out there. During this time in early 2000’s was I also active in the calling contest scene and fortunate to win different solo and two man goose calling titles including 3 state titles. This time period was first opportunity to guide for Pacific Wing Outfiiters in Washington. After building and successfully selling Hardcore Decoys I went onto to developing a hunting club that have been running since 2006 providing hunters the opportunity experience some unique hunting venues. Recently in 2014 when I realized a real need for a custom Whitefronted goose decoy, so i began creating and sculpting a new line of decoys. Replica Decoy Co was launched I started manufacturing decoys again. Finally Two years ago with Chris Swenson began guiding waterfowlers under our new business SRB Outfitters.