Paul Medel

Professional Elk Caller

Paul Medel, aka ElkNut, has dedicated the last 30 plus years to a specialized subject–understanding elk vocalization. He is the owner of ElkNut Outdoor Productions, which has developed and distributed instructional DVDs, CDS, the ElkNut’s Playbook, and most recently, the ElkNut mobile app. His accomplishments as an elk caller and hunter include: regularly giving elk calling seminars at conventions and trade shows in several states, techniques have been shared in twenty different hunting magazines, wrote the “Elk Speak” column for Elk Hunter Magazine, called more than 1,000 elk into bow range, ElkNut crew has a 100% success rate in do it yourself, public land elk hunts, and the methods and techniques taught by the ElkNut have been credited with well over 2,000 harvested elk to date. Paul resides in Boise, Idaho, with his wife, Brenda. When he’s not chasing elk, he enjoys engaging in other outdoor activities with his children and grandchildren.