Steven Athay

Live Wild Eat Wild Founder

Steven isn’t a professional chef or professional hunter – he just really likes food and hunting. He grew up hunting the public land all across Utah, and his experience eating wild game was less than memorable, and more of a mediocre afterthought after the hunt was over, relegating his venison to jerky, burger, and tough, dry steaks. As an adult, he really got sick of learning more and more about the awful factory farming and mass-produced meat that has deteriorated the quality of our meals to borderline garbage, and turned back to hunting for the solution. Hunting evolved from a seasonal hobby to a year-round pursuit for healthy, delicious meat. Being self-taught without any professional culinary training, he learned something really fast – a lot of people are pretty bad at cooking wild game!   The common response almost anyone gives who has sampled wild game before is “I don’t like ___, it’s gamey, tough and dry”. His goal is to stop that type of experience.   But, the problem is that there isn’t much information out there on how to really cook your wild game. Over the years of studying cooking techniques and testing out recipes, he’s learned that wild game can taste just as good (or better) than anything you can get at a restaurant – if you cook it right. So, Live Wild Eat Wild was born – a resource for all hunters, anglers, and anyone looking to improve their cooking skills with wild fish and game. He focuses on the entire process, from the first step into the wilderness to the last bite of dinner. And above all, keeping it simple where anyone can do it, no personal chef required! You can find anything from hunting resources to recipes and butchering tips at, or follow on Instagram @livewildeatwild or Facebook.