Alex Langbell

Owner, Gundog Outdoors & Avid Waterfowl Hunter

    Waterfowl Seminar one – “So you want to be a Waterfowl hunter”
    This seminar will cover the basics of waterfowl hunting and how to get started. From setting up decoys to calling birds to working with dogs this seminar will cover everything a new waterfowl hunter needs to know about our sport.

    Waterfowl Seminar two – “The four most important aspects in waterfowl hunting and by understanding each one how it will help you improve your success in the field.”
    This seminar is geared towards  new and experienced waterfowl hunters alike.


    Alex Langbell started waterfowl hunting at the age of 12 years old. Alex soon found himself in the hunting industry as a hunting guide in the Pacific Northwest. He soon joined several Pro-Staffs, traveling the West giving seminars on waterfowl hunting.  While he was a hunting guide, he filmed and produced the video series “Rest When You’re Dead”. Alex soon learned television production and produced and co-hosted two nationally syndicated televisions shows, “The Fowl Life” and “The Grind Waterfowl TV.” After 6 years of television and after receiving an award for best edited production of a outdoor TV show, he retired from TV and now focuses on his company Gundog Outdoors where he designed and patented a product that keeps and trains hunting dogs to be steady during hunting situations. Alex has written and been featured in several national magazines to include Field and Stream, Wildfowl Magazine and American Waterfowler. Alex still continues to produce film for his YouTube Channel. He is currently living in Eastern Washington and is the training captain for the Yakima Fire Department. He has two daughters that are following in his footsteps.