Grant Settle

Limit Out Retrievers Owner

Grant is a Military Veteran of 23 year who is happy to be back in Idaho, which is his place of birth. His love for waterfowl has had him on hunts from Mississippi to Alaska chasing mallards. The dog work is the pinnacle part of duck hunting and that is why training and competing is a year round duty for him. Being a member and serving on the Board of Directors for 2 retriever clubs, he enjoys learning from everyone around him as retriever training is always evolving and improving.

Owning Limit Out Retrievers gives him the opportunity to bring into the world and train Labradors built for performance in the duck blind or in competition. The most rewarding part of his job is hearing success stories from the field. Nothing compares to an owner’s excitement about their dog’s first retrieve!

One of Grant’s goals is to help bridge the gap between AKC Field Trials and duck hunting. Most hunters never get to see what these amazing animals are capable of.

Grant and his Wife Angela live in Melba with their 6 children.