Steve Weston

Author and Chef

Steve Weston is a rabid outdoor enthusiast living in Middleton Idaho, growing up in the Pacific Northwest he began his outdoor cooking in snow caves while Nordic/Mountaineering Skiing in the Cascades Mountain Range close to Eugene Oregon. 

The camping culinary crusader’s quest to save legions of hungry campers from freeze-dried doldrums, he has turned his love for the outdoors and mountaineering passion into an avocation, by authoring a best-selling cookbook, In the Wild Chef. The success of this work generated another career for Steve as an Expedition Chef, creating and preparing gourmet meals in exotic locations spanning the globe.

Steve currently sits on The Advisory Board for the Idaho Trails Association and a similar capacity for Reel Recovery Idaho. Steve denotes time to many other organizations like the St Luke’s YEAH Kids Iron Chef competition, Create Common Good, Boise Lighthouse Rescue Mission and Nampa’s Taste of Idaho.

His course, “How to Become a Great Backcountry Chef,” is not to be missed.  Class includes:

  • Preparation at home
  • Logistics
  • Backup plan (s)
  • Know your Audience
  • Prepare gang to delegate
  • Cooking Outdoor, the challenges, the cures…