Tom Claycomb III

Outdoor Writer

Tom loves hunting small game such as pigeons and whistle pigs with his air rifles. He attended the first two Squirrel Master Classics and has tested airguns for Sig Sauer, Winchester, Umarex, Ruger, Daisy and Walther. He is now on Pro-staff with Crosman.

He is an Outdoor Writer and writes for numerous magazines, websites and newspapers and conducts Outdoor seminars from Texas to Vegas and on up to Alaska. You can find some of his airgun articles on, AmmolandShootingSportsNews,, Ron Spomer Outdoors, Hunters Folder or the current issue of NBS Magazine.


In this seminar you will learn about the different designs of modern air guns, the good and bad of each model, different designs of pellets and how to get into the modern airgun world. The modern airgun is not your old Ralphie’s Red Ryder. They are a real gun and some spit out pellets at 1,450 fps. Remember, a .22 only cruises along at 1,250 fps.


This air riffle will be raffled off, come attend the seminar to be entered for a chance to win!



I always say that 100% of the outdoorsmen use a knife and yet I bet less than 5% can sharpen one. It does take some skill but it doesn’t require a PhD. Come to this seminar and I’ll teach you how to sharpen your knife. I’ll also teach you how to steel your boning knives.

The first 24 attendees will get a free 2-step sharpener! One lucky attendee will get a FREE sharpening stone. Attendees can enter for a chance to win a Boning Knife, donated by Dexter Russell.


A knife is a tool. Just like a screw driver. You need 5 different designs of knives in the outdoor world. And no! One knife won’t serve all of your needs. You don’t just have one screwdriver do you? There are a lot of weird designed knives on the market now. Before you purchase a knife, you need to determine what task you wish to perform. Attend this seminar and you’ll leave knowing what design works best for which job. We will not cover tactical knives, just which designs fit best in our Outdoor World.

Attendees can enter for a chance to win a Boning Knife, donated by Dexter Russell.