From Grocery Store Anxiety to Hardcore Carnivore; The Jess Pryles Story

From Grocery Store Anxiety to Hardcore Carnivore; The Jess Pryles Story

Jess Pryles wasn’t always a Hardcore Carnivore. She knows what it’s like to be intimidated cooking meat. She used to stand in the grocery store, too nervous to buy expensive meat in fear of messing it up. So, she set out to change all that, diving into educating herself. She spent years to understand the perfect way to prepare and cook all kinds of meat, particularly beef. She learning about cooking methods, what cuts are best and why, the difference between grass fed and grain fed beef, and how aging affects meat. She visited ranches, butchers, harvested it herself, and even attended university for it.

After years of dedicating herself to the craft, Jess Pryles proudly calls herself the Hardcore Carnivore, a well-deserved title.

Since her humble beginnings, Jess has made her mark on the barbecue industry. After falling in love with low’n’slow barbecue in Texas, she decided to spread the word by bringing it home Down Under, in Australia by cofounding the Australian Barbecue Alliance. She has also hosted meat-themed TV shows, judged the biggest barbecue challenge in the world, and has been a guest speaker at the American Meat Science Association conference.

Born in Australia, she now lives in Austin, Texas and is on a mission to show how to cook a perfect piece of meat wherever she goes.

We’re proud to host Jessica Pryles at the Great Northwest Outdoor Expo where she will be hosting an exclusive Live Fire, Gourmet Cooking Class. An interactive, hybrid event – halfway between a class and a deluxe dinner. Guests will be treated to a live demonstration of recipes and techniques, as well as a master tutorial on beef information such as grading and meat selection. Attendees will also have an exclusive opportunity to have all their meat-based questions answered in an intimate and private event with internationally acclaimed meat cook and Hardcore Carnivore, Jess Pryles. The evening will culminate in a luxurious beef dinner on the world-class PK Grills

What you’ll get:

Learn the “beef basics,” including how beef is graded

Discussion on safely dry aging beef at home

Tasting of a dry aged steak

Tips & tricks for beef preparation & cooking

Hardcore Carnivore rub tasting

Fire and heat zone management

Signed Copy of Hardcore Carnivore Cook book

Limited to 30 individuals

Dinner Cost is $149