What is The Great Northwest Outdoor Expo?

The Great Northwest Outdoor Expo; Conservation, Preservation and Growing Future Generations of Leaders

The Great Northwest Outdoor Expo isn’t just focused on highlighting outdoor recreation. Our roots run deep in advocacy to support conservation efforts and the protection of wetlands.  The Great Northwest Outdoor Expo is an event created and run by Idaho Ducks Unlimited raising money to help preserve our treasured lands and protect wildlife.

So what does Ducks Unlimited do? A number of things. With Idaho membership of over seven thousand, Ducks Unlimited nationally works with chapters all over the country to promote education programs, youth programs, volunteer efforts to maintain and conserve wetlands, and raise funds for conservation programs across the state. Last year alone, Ducks Unlimited of Idaho raised over $523,000 dollars for conservation efforts, all through grassroots efforts. These funds were put to work to conserve 33,215 acres of land in Idaho. This outstanding effort could only be made possible through thousands of volunteers working together for a common vision; to keep our beautiful Idaho lands pristine for generations to follow.

Volunteer efforts and raising funds for conservation are just one wing of our efforts. We also promote youth education and a lifetime of knowledge with their Green Wing program. Green Wings works to get kids involved in community programming, volunteer efforts, and outdoor experiences.

Since 1937, DU has conserved more than 14 million acres of waterfowl habitat across North America. These regional initiatives, organized locally, function to connect people and resources with critical habitats, and recognize each region’s role in sustaining the future of waterfowl and our environment.

When you support the Great Northwest Outdoor Expo, know that you are supporting conservation, our wetlands, youth education, and growing the next generation of leadership right here in the great Northwest.